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carlow gaa nominated for community award

Carlow GAA is proud to announce that we have been nominated for the Community Award in the annual Carlow Business Awards in conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce. The nomination is recognition of the enormous work carried out by the volunteer body who run Carlow GAA.

Carlow GAA is one of 34 amateur sporting County Boards that facilitate the playing of our national games across Ireland and abroad.

The County Board is operated on a daily basis by a small full-time staff but the decision makers are, in the main, volunteers.

All income generated by the Carlow GAA is invested back into the organisation to improve facilities, fund grassroot projects and ensure that our amateur County teams are suitably catered for.

In the past 12 months some of the major projects undertaken, to name but a few, have been: revamp the Club-School Link Coaching Project, upgrade our Training Centre facility near Fenagh, install a floodlighting system in Netwatch Cullen Park, run a 1916 commemorative event, and also host GAA Congress for the first time in our history.


The reason Carlow GAA has been nominated is simply down to it’s uniqueness in the world of business:

All revenue generated through our various mechanisms is ploughed back in to improve the organisation for our vast array of volunteers who populate it.

These volunteers include; – all players from Nursery to Adult (over 7000)

– the many coaches and mentors who facilitate the playing of our games in their communities and at County level

– the match day Stewards who ensure our games can be run effectively and safely

– and finally the Administrators and Officers of the County Board who serve for the betterment of Carlow GAA

This nomination is recognition for all those in Carlow GAA who give so freely of their time and ask for nothing in return.


3. Carlow Community Award:

This award is designed to recognise and celebrate the success of Community and Voluntary enterprises in County Carlow. Nominees will be organisations who have made a significant, sustained contribution to their community. Often working behind the scenes, these organisations provide their time and efforts to help their fellow citizens.