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Carlow GAA’s proposals for Football Championship change have gained momentum in recent weeks with a number of Counties voicing their support. The GAA have expressed quite clearly they are willing to explore the options and it would seem that Carlow County Board’s Proposal is one certainly high on the agenda.

See below for a short, 10 point synopsis of the proposal:

Benefits of Carlow All Ireland Championship Proposal

  1. Provincial Championships retained and the importance of the Provincial competitions is enshrined in the structure.
  2. NFL retained and linked to the Championship seedings.
  3. Counties compete at their own level through seeding resulting in fewer mis-matches.
  4. Restores the equilibrium between Club and County.
  5. A full annual fixtures programme can be agreed in advance.
  6. All County players get to compete for the All Ireland at the appropriate level. Players do not want a B Championship
  7. Same number of games as under present system but much more streamlined.
  8. Simple structure. No back door systems. You must win to progress.
  9. The proposal achieves many of the objectives of the Discussion paper on ‘Player Overtraining and Burnout, and the GAA Fixtures Calendar’.
  10. Provincial Championships and the All Ireland Championship can run concurrently. No teams ‘hanging around’ for weeks to play the next round, holding up club competitions.