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colts triumph in adam mangan shield tournament

Game 1. Carlow 1-09 : Kildare 2-06
Carlow lead at halftime 1-04 to 1-01 with a goal from Conor Duffy, a point from Stephen Carroll and 3 Brian Byrne points from frees. Sean Moran at full back was outstanding all day long and Kildare changed their full forward to no avail. Carlow added 5 more points (3-B. Byrne and 2-C. Duffy) to secure a 2 point win despite a Kildare comeback. An incident at the very end saw red cards for Kildare’s No.13 and Carlow’s Kuba Budzisz who had an excellent game.
Starting Lineup
Kuba Budzisz
Daniel Hayden Sean Moran Kian Dooley
Billy Lawlor Cian Leonard Kyle Byrne
Patrick McDonnell Jack McCullogh
Eoin Cunnane Padraig Nolan Dylan Doyle
Stephen Carroll(0-01) Conor Duffy(1-02) Brian Byrne(0-06, 5f)
Subs: Daniel Smyth, Kenneth Belo Crimmins, Shane Buggy, Dylan Gorman Comerford,
Padraig Deering, Ben Crotty, Tadgh Holland, Paddy Regan, Dan Brennan.
Game 2. Carlow 1-14 : Clare 1-04
Carlow opened up an early lead with points from Cian Leonard, Brian Byrne, Dylan Doyle and Eoin Cunnane. But Clare rallied with a goal and 2 points to make it 0-08 to 1-02 at the break. Goalkeeper, Daniel Smyth deflected two goal attempts over the bar. A 45 from Brian Byrne and points from Dylan Doyle and Patrick McDonnell increased the Colt’s lead before Conor Duffy got his second goal of the day. Kenneth Belo Crimmins and Shane Buggy were introduced to seal the win.
Game 3. Carlow 3-06 : Dublin 0-10 Semi – Final
Cian Leonard opened the scoring with a point. Daniel Hayden was fouled off the ball resulting in a black card for the Dublin No. 22. Brian Byrne converted the free. Dublin managed 5 points in the first half but were denied a goal with Daniel Smyth diving superbly to his right. It was Carlow who got the goal from the in-form Brian Byrne, who added 3 more points from place kicks. Patrick McDonnellbrought the Carlow half time tally to 1-06.
A quick goal after the break from Brian Byrne left the Dubs chasing the game and goals. Twice the outstanding full back line put their bodies on the line to block certain goals, they deserve mention Cian Dooley, Shane Buggy, Daniel Hayden, and Kenneth Belo Crimmins in the corners and Sean Moran at full back. Dublin were desperate to save the day with an additional three goal attempts saved by Daniel Smyth. Dublin were awarded a penalty but once again they were denied as Daniel Smyth managed to deflect the powerfully struck shot. Quick reaction from the Carlow defenders prevented the rebound score. With Dublin having to settle for frees and long range points, it was Carlow who found the net at the opposite end finished off by Conor Duffy. All in all an outstanding victory for the Colts, a 5 point win over Dublin to put them in the final.
Game 4. Carlow 1-12 : Wicklow 2-06 Final
Fittingly the toughest and most dramatic contest of the day was left for the final. Wicklow had a very big team and used the long ball into their forwards but the Carlow backs and half backs dealt with it admirably with Kyle Byrne, Dylan Gorman Comerford, Cian Leonard, Billy Lawlor and Paddy Regan coming to the fore. Carlow yet again, opened up an early lead with points from Brian Byrne, Dylan Doyle and Billy Lawlor. Jack McCullough who ha been immense all day in the middle of the field was temporarily sidelined for an injury. Paddy Regan deputised to great effect. In a tense affair Kian Dooley also had to come off with a knee injury, Shane Buggy stepping in. Carlow had a 4 point lead at the break 0-07 to 0-03.
Into the final 20 minutes at the end of an exhausting day, who would not be the first to break??
Brian Byrne added a 45 before Patrick McDonnell , Captain for the Colts scored an inspirational goal, sending the Carlow sideline, subs, mentors and supporters into ecstasy. Cian Leonard came off injured and Jack McCullough was reintroduced, as was Conor Duffy only to fall foul of the black card, it really was hell for leather stuff. Wicklow weren’t giving up and had clawed back 2 points before running at the Carlow defence to drive home 2 goals and levelling the match with less than 10 minutes to go. Another surging Wicklow attack left Patrick McDonnellno option but to take a black card. The half forward line, who had been superb all day in defence and attack came into their own, Padraig Nolan, Eoghan Cunnane, Dylan Gorman-Comerford, Padraig Deering, Ben Crotty and Dylan Doyle. Dan Brennan and Paraic Deering all made valuable contributions. Dylan Doyle had now taken over the free taking duties and succeeded with 2 high pressure kicks and a point from play. Wicklow were forced to make 2 wides by the never say die Colts before adding a point to bring their tally to 2-06 and getting within 1 point. But points from Ben Crotty and Dylan Doyle gave the Carlow U15 Football Colts a famous 3 point victory in The Adam Mangan Memorial Shield Tournament.
Enda Smyth