Divinity: Original Sin II *2017* download

Divinity: Original Sin II *2017* download

Divinity: Original Sin II *2017*

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Divinity: Original Sin II *2017*

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Firing the PLAZA: April 20, 2018 (Uplowad By Symetryczny)

The premiere of the game: 14 September 2017 – 20 April 2018 (Polish language + update)

Genre: RPG, Fantasy, Kickstarter, cooperative mode, Classic RPG

Manufacturer: Larian Studios

Publisher: Larian Studios

Available languages: English, French, German, Russian polish

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Additional contents:

-Red: original sin – the map

– Deity: Original Sin II – editor

– Deity: Originalsin II – A guide

– Life: Original Son II – Art-book

– Deity: Original Sin II – Directory

– Deity: The Original for Son II – The Concept of Art

– Deity: The Original Son II – the original soundtrack

The game is upgraded to bonus content

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Deity: The OriginalSon II is a classic RPG gamewith, an isometric projection, a step-by-step battle against the system and a high level of difficulty, which is the fifth major version of the Divine series, and at the same time a direct expansion of the heat of the Divine: Original Sin (released in June 2014. As in the casewith its predecessor, platform versionThe Windows PC was developed by the Belgian studio Larian. It is worth mentioning that the products are partly funded through social fundraising at the Kickstarter site (slightly over $ 2 million credited).

In Divinity:The original Son II, once again, we move to the fantastic country of Revlon, although the action takes place about a thousand years after the events of the first original sin (right after the Divine). In addition, this time we play the hero using the power of the Source, unlike the previous game,in which we led two hunters who sought adherents of this forbidden magic. The conflict between these two groups is still boiling, and the hero controlled by us runs from the representatives of the Order, who descend on the heels, trying to prevent the crisis, which is invading monsters fromthe world’s waste of mortals (caused by divine death). Such an envelope makes the climax different from one – in the original sin II, the atmosphere becomes brighter and more serious.

This time we start the game by creating a single central figure that can belong to iton one of the few available races. Another important news in the process of creating a hero is the definition of his biographical background. Depending on who is the main character (or protagonist), the inhabitants of the world today react completely differently and can enter different tasks. Because ofthis reason, the layer of roles in the title is deeper than the predecessor, and the problems that it faces can be solved in various ways.

However, from a purely mechanical point of view, Original Sin II in the Windows PC platform version is the development of what was previously developed. Bigchanges relate to the combat system – added the opportunity to climb the platform, towers, etc., taking into account the influence of the height of the combat capabilities of the character, as well as the calculation of points of action slightly simplistic (now the implementation of most activities costs1-3 points). In addition, the game has new skills and combinations of elements, whose intelligent use can transform the fate of the battle. An interesting novelty is also a force. The sources are extremely powerful and dangerous, but need to be supplemented with special points of the Sources tocan use them.

As before, the adventure can be experienced in a cooperative mode, this time to four people. Interestingly, however, cooperation can easily be transformed into competition, because different environments can impose opposing goals for characters in the same situations.

Besidesthis, Larian Studios has prepared a special PvP mode, in which four groups of players are struggling in reasonably designed arenas. Participants use prepared heroes, from top to bottom, and compete in different competitions that are variations of such classical forms as “free forall “,” catching the flag “or” king of the mountains “.

Deity: The original error II version of the Windows PC platform is based on the advanced divine engine: the Original Sin (Divinity Engine), which guarantees many more enjoyable experiences. Gravity than in the previous game, more advanced physicsand DirectX 12 support.

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Intel Core i5 GHz, 4GB RAM, 1GB GeForce GTX 550 / Radeon HD 6800 graphics card, 25GB hard drive, Windows 7 (SP1) 64-bit

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