Health & Wellbeing Report

Carlow GAA Health & Wellbeing Report

As the year draws to a close and is assigned to history here under we look back at the workings of the Health & Wellbeing Committee 2016:

Health and Wellbeing Club Officer Training

On Monday March 21st at Netwatch Cullen Park there was a seminar and training for Club Health & Wellbeing Officers. The course was delivered by Aoife OBrien and Emmett Haughian from Croke Park, twelve people representing their clubs attended Kathleen Mullins Asca, Declan McDonald Ballinabranna, Joe Meaney Burren Rngs, Jennie Fitzpatrick Tinryland, Richard Brennan Leighlinbridge, Cillian McCabe Naomh Eoin, Ciaran Dunne Leighlinbridge, Elizabeth Connolly Michael Davitts, Katriona Lawlor Naomh Brid, Sophie Kelly Rathvilly, Joan Doyle St. Mullins Juvenile, Tara Scully Sarsfields Kildare, Tommy Murphy Co. Officer. The people that attended will receive certificates and their manual at a later date.

A sincere thanks to the people that completed the training and to the two Tutors everyone present felt it was an excellent presentation.

On the down side every GAA Club in Carlow both adult and juvenile, and especially the Health and Wellbeing Club Officers (in writing) camogie clubs, and ladies football clubs were all well notified and still that low attendance.

At the moment plans are being made for the second part of this training this is for the remainder of the clubs that didnt take part, and I would ask clubs that are not named above to give a definite answer that they will or will not have a person attending. If this is a success there will be a gathering and presentation of Certificates and Manuals possibly early in January. We need all clubs to take part and if your club name is not in above list, please dont be the one to leave your club behind.

Critical Incident Response

When the training and seminar was completed, Critical Incident Response was discussed and as Croke Park are training tutors to deliver club training Carlow will be one of the first counties to deliver the club training, this will be Late February or early March.

Operations manager Ronan Dempsey launched a general Critical Incident Response Plan to all clubs during the year, containing help guidelines and phone numbers of people to contact should an occasion arise.


Carlow GAA Health & Wellbeing meeting on Tuesday May 31st 2016 in Tinryland GAA Clubhouse

In attendance Chairperson Carrie Keating Clonmore, Tim Healy St. Patricks, Ciaran Dunne Leighlinbridge, Niall Rennick Palatine, Pat Kenny Palatine, Jenny Fitzpatrick Tinryland, Maura Murphy Rathvilly, Liam Lawlor Tinryland, Tommy Murphy Co. Officer. There were four apologies from people not being able to attend. However there was no contact from any other club adult or juvenile camogie or ladies football and again all were notified.

Carlow GAA Health & Wellbeing meeting on Monday November 7th 2016 in Netwatch Cullen Park

In attendance Chairperson Carrie Keating Clonmore, Tim Healy St. Patricks, Niall Hickson Palatine, Jenny Fitzpatrick Tinryland, Elaine Kavanagh Mt. Leinster Rngs, Kathleen Mullins Asca, Clare Byrne Clonmore, Ciaran Dunne Leighlinbridge, John Chatten Eire Og Elizabeth Connolly Michael Davitts Tommy Murphy Co Officer.

Leithsceal; Katriona Lawlor Naomh Brid, Cillian McCabe Naomh Eoin, Sophie Kelly Rathvilly, Alex Doyle St. Mullins

Healthy Club Projects

Elaine Kavanagh Mt. Leinster Rngs Camogie Club was congratulated on being part of the National Health Club project, Elaine spoke of what was entailed at the meeting.

Carrie Keating spoke of the simple different projects the Clonmore club adult and juvenile has organised on the Healthy Club catering for all members of the community which they enjoy.

Miseal Juvenile Club has organised an internal football tournament catering for under eights, tens and twelves from the whole catchment area, the main aims, 1, to monitor and cater for constant exercise and fitness for all the young people, 2, to help them to love and improve their skills, 3, the biggest catch to get all parents involved which has happened.

Other clubs have organised projects and they also come in under the Healthy Club Projects

Gambling in Sport and in the GAA

Another serious ill facing individual player members and clubs and is growing at an alarmingly rate let there be no mistake no club is free of this addiction.

John Chatten Eire Og spoke of different positive measures the Eire Og Club are taking such as signs logos on gear and much more to highlight the dangers and educate members of the pitfalls

Mental Health and Social Inclusion for nonplaying members was also discussed.

National Health and Wellbeing Conference held in Croke park on Friday October 2st & Saturday October 22nd Carlow were represented by Carrie Keating Clonmore, Elaine Kavanagh Mt. Leinster Rngs, Tommy Murphy Naomh Eoin, Clare Byrne Clonmore, and Shannon Kavanagh Mt. Leinster Rngs.

One of the points that came across from all counties was that, Clubs, Co. Committees, Provincial Councils and Croke Park, need to seriously raise the status of the Health & Wellbeing officers at all levels.

Forward Training

A number of Carlow people will be attending Tutor Training in Croke park on the 6th and 7th of January 2017,and in turn they will, be able to coach and train Club Health & Wellbeing Officers in our own County

In conclusion

A sincere thanks to all the dedicated people who have worked so hard in their clubs to promote Health & Wellbeing to chairperson Carrie Keating and all the people who attended meetings, training and seminars it is deeply appreciated. A sincere thanks to Colin Regan, Aoife OBrien, Stacey Cannon Croke Park for all their help

Is Mise Is Mise

Tommy Murphy An Rna

Carrie Keating Chairperson

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