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Some important stadium procedures to note for visitors:

  • In accordance with the EU Disability standards we have created 5 designated parking spaces inside the stadium at the Stand side. These 5 spaces are for holders of the official EU Disability Permit and can be pre-booked with stadium staff prior to arrival on match day. We would appeal for use of extreme caution when parking in these spaces as the vehicle will have to cross a busy thoroughfare. If available, a volunteer Steward will assist in this regard.


  • If, in the event that the 5 designated spaces are full on a particular match day, we also offer the option of drop off and collect also from the Stand side and Oak Park Rd. entrances. Again, if available, a volunteer Steward will assist.


  • The third option available for EU Disability Permit holders is to drive their vehicle into the stadium at the Deerpark End. We have improved access/egress at this end of the ground and it allows patrons to view games from the comfort of their vehicle. This option to park and view is also available to elderly, infirmed or ill patrons who cannot access the Stand/Terrace areas. A volunteer Steward, if available will assist. Prior notice of arrival is most welcome but no need to book a space as we have ample parking room.


  • Carlow GAA allow all disabled patrons and either their designated driver or care assistant free entry to NCP.


  • There are 3 toilets for disabled patrons at the Stand, Deerpark & Oak Park Rd. Ends of the stadium.


  • There are baby changing facilities in the Ladies toilets at the Stand side.



Illegal parking WILL NOT BE TOLERATED around the stadium and Garda will be notified.

More below:

NCP Lights


Normal stadium regulations are highlighted by signage at turnstiles but some of the main points we wish to re-iterate again are:


  1. PLEASE RESPECT OUR LOCAL RESIDENTS NCP is located in a residential area of Carlow town and the people who live in the vicinity deserve the utmost respect of patrons, particularly when it comes to the issue of parking. Ample parking is available in Carlow Town HC, The Tennis Club and when enough volunteer Stewards are available, also in the Outside Pitch adjacent to NCP. Blocking access to estates and houses is not acceptable and will not be tolerated by stadium staff.
  2. There are no dogs or other animals permitted inside the stadium. Animal waste is a hazard where players/patrons are concerned.
  3. Smoking is permitted in designated areas only. Smoking is not permitted in the Stand or terrace areas where people gather to view our games.
  4. All our Stewards are volunteers who give up their time very generously so all patrons and players can enjoy the NCP experience. Stewards are there to help and assist and ensure the smooth running of events. Without them, we could not open the stadium for games. PLEASE RESPECT OUR STEWARDS, THEY ARE VOLUNTEERS



The curfew for our new floodlighting system is 10pm. We appeal to both Clubs and patrons alike to exit the stadium in an orderly manner, keeping noise to a minimum. We ask that all patrons use extra care when crossing roads at night.


If you have any queries on the above procedures, or wish to make a booking prior to your visit, please contact: . We will be happy to assist and ensure your visit is as hassle-free as possible.


Thank you for your ongoing patience and co-operation as we continue to improve NCP for all.