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Need for Speed Carbon

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Need for Speed Carbon

Speed ​​Carbon is a game that requires fast and furious race for both the city and canyon racing environments. However, warned that a download and installation, you must have a good yang5 minutes but after taking his course utziZure opinion, it is worth.

Chevy Camaro SS, Lamborghini Gallardo and MitsubishiLancer Evolution IX – In Need for Speed ​​Carbondemo, you can adjust the three cars. If you’ve tied up with three other team mates against 4 Scorpion cars racing against. There are a number of G-Forcedimasukkan took turns to take the car and you will find yourself in an awful lot of drifting. However, that is, how many points remain duzuthe earn more points – Need for Speed ​​Carbon. However, it is almost impossible to beat the lead Scorpion car – they just quickly and masyadongdamnDo you see a mistake out of the game forever.

Great racing game, without a doubt, the need to improve, but it can be difficult for Speed ​​Carbon game, you will have to give up easily.

Need for Speed ​​Rivals offer up borrokajokalarientzat busy streets. REDVIEW County fictional city junkies thunder throughthe way players speed up or change the law to give legal enforcers- betweenboth which players on both sides, hagdanat barukereta and toys to unlock technical climbing career.

action-packedRace two screens

hunter and the hunted: Need for Speed ​​Rivals, there are only two types of riders. both laws, players can carve a awesomecareer.

Makinainexotic race by race, other competingagainst haramperlumbaan road games against the clock or escapingpersistent police patrols. Each time you play, you can challenge other drivers to race the game open. This is also a public or private sessions among friends applies to the human player.Ways to Speed ​​flowing online and offline rivals’ You must enter a smoothly.

Racers go full speed!

Need for Speed ​​Rivals permainanhadiah takes formaAbiadura Points (SP). Yourwinning longer you keep the line, the higher the multiplier, the more points you rack up. If you do not get yourpoints tosafety good time, you can lose itomagpakailanman.

The loss of the race you can go home empty-handed. The same thing will happen if you get caught you or vehicles olehpolisIf they destroy it. If you lose against a human player, the winner lortzenpuntu. So players need to carefully consider whether they want to race multiplier Riska high Geta, or it would just be better if the banks in their eyes.

The new vehicles up by bilangankerjaya won promotion with the riders. kotsedapat been purchased using the Speed ​​points. tune engines to improve controls to prevent a similar point or to create visual accents – likestripes,in paints or adhesives.

police eginVane paddle a spin

Police racer Need for Speed ​​Rivals is definitely not dangerous. mempunyaiJuga them access to the fleet of patrol cars. In contrast to the riders, they don’thave to buy a new car. ranggoay are immediately available to be achieved. However, the car can not be tuned.

Speed ​​Rating earned by the police to pursue successful. Also, the target is to have a race against the clock – and the border joautopistalainkenderaan or ram. On the other hand, there is a time penalty.

hunter and hunted relying on technology

effectively fight against street gangs, the police pinstrips, Jammer, roadblocks and helicopters. riders’ buonghost ofassault arms in response to that, or theturbo They can shoot, and the police let the dust. There are restrictions on both sides, each vehicle can duzuBi toy and charging more than you perlubuynew leg at a time. Speed ​​Rivals, equipmentthe media has become more powerful and growing need for new weapons.

the second screen

Need for Speed ​​Rivals pound free application for iPhone, iPod or iPad, menetapkantitik tracks, you can follow watchfriends and challenge them for a career. Or with a small mini-game challenges, etc. You can start the application. Despite all the good things, however, a second screen will be lost due to delays and significant puntuakkarga.

Arcade style of good drivers

In terms of control, speed rivalsHot pursuit of the changes made and to ask only kecilberbanding. Arcade Racer puts more emphasis on fun rather than the realism of the simulation. Screeching tires in tight turns as you drift bar, swing to the side to use the handbrake.

If you have a keyboard canmanage all that, but you have to change the default key assignments. daHobe need to play with a gamepad for Speed ​​Rivals, however, reflect the movement of the eyes of many moresmoothly thefine.

Driverinduce artificial, at least, the game is very comfortable in the first stage, and allow players to shoot (even after several accidents). Instead, a driver tinimplahanvirtual is not quickly arrested.

baikgrafik and lively music, but multiple clunky

Visually, there is no doubt about the need for speed rivals biluzi.autoaren stripped directly from ofglossy flyers – so that they are involved in a collision. Damage model showed a significant injury. forever destroy the car, however, it requires some effort.

sceneryisThe jugadibentangkan either. Mixng REDVIEW County to the mountains, the city, forest and desert areas such as large. Rain, ice and fallen leaves, as well as the change between day and night, it makes a great deal of visual diversity.

Rivals the speed of a musical sound effects beharra’Eta two great touch. kebaikandialog evidence of professional voice artist.

Less convincing, however, the performance of the server is online. Delays caused by other vehicles wild leap, if out of nowhere minsanpagdating,and diverted all over the track.

Conclusion: Pure racing action!

Speed ​​to rivals like the previous two versions (Hot Pursuit and requested 2). Some say it is a bit tristea- but really isn’tlike. Rival compress the essence of the game down totheirvery exciting racing action, Arcade well-matched control, excellent graphics and a funky song.

It’s a big onlinesistema that blur the distinction between offline rivals Speed ​​’and the need for online contentIt is. padaSebaliknya, annoying delays to multiplayer games and more powerful servers pretty good players of fuel contamination.

personally, would make a perfect game – still a challenge between friends, I want to see the Paradise inBurnout.

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