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open letter from carlow county board

A chairde,
Can you please all be aware that parking illegally around Netwatch Cullen Park on match days, ie. on double yellow lines, is going to incur fines, etc.
Furthermore, our organisation must take far greater responsibility in educating our Club members who park in residential areas around Oak Park and Oaklawns, etc.
The situation for local residents has reached an unacceptable level and we in the County Board strongly recommend that all Clubs and patrons do their utmost to respect their right to privacy in their homes.
The access and egress routes from both estate and individual house entrances should NEVER be blocked by vehicles parked illegally or without due care and attention for people who live there.
While this may not be an issue for you personally, it falls on you as patrons of NCP, alongside the County Board to make your members aware of the situation. The residents of the area have always been on good terms with Carlow GAA and it is our intention for this to continue. Carlow GAA will take a very dim view of vehicles parked illegally or those that may cause obstruction and will have NO hesitation whatsoever in immediately informing the Gardaí.
There is more than ample parking available in Carlow Town Hurling Club and the Tennis Club who, for nominal fees, allow safe parking for the majority of match traffic. Players may park in the outside pitch adjoining NCP.
As our two busiest weekends approach please circulate this email through your Club databases, by text and on your social media/website formats. Our games are wonderful and match days in the old stadium are a source of excitement for all patrons but please keep the need to respect our neighbours at the forefront of your Club’s thoughts.