TeamViewer 11 0 Windows 7/8 jellybean Download Torrent

TeamViewer 11 0 Windows 7/8 jellybean Download Torrent

TeamViewer 11 0

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TeamViewer 11 0

Included TeamViewer Premium Business Server Enterprise Multilingual + Portable

TeamViewer – the All-In-One software for remote support and build Online – the remote control any PC or Mac via the Internet in a matter of seconds or use TeamViewer for online meetings. Find out why more than 200 million users trust TeamViewer!

Remote Support and Remote Access

– Remote Support without installation on the client side

– Administration of 24/7 remote access to remote computers and servers

– Remote access to access to information and applications anytime, anywhere

– Ministry of Internal Affairs has access to your office computer from home

Internet and Online Meeting Presentation

– Online meetings up to 25 participants

– Presentation of the online increase your sales potential

– Reduction in the cost of training to learn through online

– International Cooperation Collaborate on documents in real time

New 11 TeamViewer:

Increase productivity up to 15x faster

TeamViewer is appropriate to use less bandwidth and provides an image delivery more efficient, so expect a better image quality in a given frequency band. Other benefits include the file transfers to 15x faster data rate and up to 30% lower.

overhauled Toolbar

TeamViewer is not only faster, now faster. The remote control session interface has been redesigned based on feedback from users and the latest research in the development of the user interface. Get what you want, where you expect, when you need them.

automatic access to Android devices

TeamViewer is to find a solution that the Android system more than anyone else supported. You can even remotely control Android devices unattended anywhere, anytime. Android is not just smartphones and tablets as well. Today, many devices such as point of sale (POS), ATM, public displays and vending machines, is still based on Android.

Give your customers the SOS button

Make it easy for your customers to get support. Creating a custom module TeamViewer QuickSupport, who set an icon with the name of the company, or a simple call to action, right on the desktop client. With just one click, customers can ask for help to get you through a custom QuickSupport module, which automatically updated to reflect the latest changes.

Collect customer feedback

Improve quality of service by gathering feedback from customers through automatic satisfaction survey at the end of the support session. Your customers can offer ratings and comments to help improve their support services.

Linux GUI is not without problems

Directly linking the text Linux console, but there is no graphical user interface (GUI). Easy to manage Linux servers without heads, worried about how to configure port forwarding, SSH setup, or to ensure the monitor. With TeamViewer, just work.

Remote install TeamViewer Host

Easily turn a client for the first time in the company of repetition. From the spontaneous support session, you can automatically make access to this moment, TeamViewer Host Module installation distance. You can even create your own custom Host Module with your brand.

full control over their channels

Have a clear idea of ​​how it is used and the channels are channels that are available when and where they are needed most. As a result of the creation of separate groups of channels in your license and assign them to users, to ensure that the specific teams access to the channels they need always.

Group share powerful and flexible

Enjoy complete control of all the groups in your computer, and the list of contacts. If you get full access, you can group, with you and change rights were expanding. Move shared contacts in your contacts, and then see who is the owner of the group as shared. Manage contacts and the device has never been easier.

Save time with multiple choice

work more efficiently by selecting multiple contacts at once or device with your computer, and a list of contacts. For example, the installation of various devices in the group at once, or bring other participants a video call by selecting and inviting them.

Start TeamViewer on your browser

Use TeamViewer on your browser to provide support remote and remote access. This is a convenient alternative if you do not install administrator rights to the Team Viewer, but you should still support to connect to a remote device or collaborate on a project.

TeamViewer chat on your site

Add to chat functions, based on a full-featured browser for internal web-based tools, such as CRM solution support or via TeamViewer chat widget. This chat is built solution offers even more flexibility and convenience by TeamViewers chat function directly on the desktop.

IM everywhere

Never miss an important call. Log in to your TeamViewer account from anywhere via a web browser to use it as a web chat on the platform. You can talk about the way your phone. In addition, people how you really feel show the emoticons :-). Of course, regardless of how and where they communicate, their conversations are not end-to-end encrypted with TeamViewer.

Chrome OS Support

TeamViewer is supporting a shining example of multiple platforms, and add another to the list of operating system, Chrome OS. Now you can access your office or home computer using receive a Chromebook, or used to offer it to remote support.

This went on for Windows 10

TeamViewer 11 is ideal for Windows 10 and no more than look good. With TeamViewer 11, can take advantage of the powerful features of Windows, take as improved gestures on the trackpad input for local and remote.

improved customer service

A distinctive feature is the premier solutions attention to detail. The client interface 11 TeamViewer this information to light is brought by a very nice design with many usability improvements, focused on providing built-user experience.

What’s new


1. Install TeamViewer

2. Do not run. If you are already running after closing

3. Copy all the files from the “crack” folder and add the installation directory

X86: C: Program FilesTeamViewer

X64: C: Program Files (x86) TeamViewer

4. Done!

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