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learning portal

In one of the most significant improvements to our website, Carlow GAA is proud to announce that in conjunction with Croke Park Coaching & Games Staff we have added the Learning Portal to one of our home screen tabs on both desktop and mobile device.

Why so important you may ask ? Well the GAA website; is one of the most ground breaking developments in recent times, particularly for all aspiring and experienced coaches out there but it is also a crucial tool for all Club administrators and players alike. The website’s mission statement; “This site has been developed to provide better access to key resources for GAA members and those actively promoting Gaelic Games. Register as a site member and access Education Programmes to support your role as Coach, Referee, Administrator or Player” gives you an idea of what the site offers in terms of invaluable resources at the click of a button but to really fathom the depth of support available you must log on !

In the area of Coach Education, a key target for Carlow GAA over the next few years, the Learning Portal provides many workshops, links but most importantly for the coach who likes to plan ahead; lots of pre-ready drills and games to satisfy even the most challenging team !

Please make it a matter of course over the coming days and months to click on the tab and enter into the GAA’s world of learning and please encourage all your Club members to do so………….knowledge is never much of a load to carry !!