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we subscribe to the ‘give respect-get respect’ initiative

With our Club Championships back up and running a timely reminder of our Give Respect-Get Respect both on & off the field.

Unfortunately in recent years at venues across this County vile, verbal abuse has been hurled at will towards Referees, Stewards and Officials. It became a weekly occurrence that supporters and Team Mentors alike felt it their right to verbally abuse, and at times, physically intimidate people who run our games.

After a watershed meeting with our Clubs last year a huge improvement was noticed across Carlow at all levels with the understanding that bad behaviour inside & outside the fence is not welcomed nor accepted anymore.

By all means be vocal in support of your Club, by all means come and enjoy the excitement of our games, you are all most welcome and you the supporters help create the wonderful atmosphere that makes sport so special.

DoNOThowever, feel that, by virtue of paying entry at the turnstile this entitles you do do as you please in our venues. Carlow GAA will take a very dim view of bad behaviour and will deal with it accordingly.

GIVE RESPECT – GET RESPECTis the GAA initiative that we are promoting across this County and we are insisting all Clubs and people who enter our venues subscribe to.

Clubs have a major responsibility with regard to the people who support them at games. Some may be fully paid members and some may not but it still falls under the remit of Club Officers to insist through all available platforms that people behave in a responsible manner at games.

Children of all ages attend our games and we must all do our best to promote a positive, friendly GAA. All the good work that is being carried out by Clubs and Coaching & Games Staff alike can be quickly undone by the appalling behaviour of a few.

These are our games, our Clubs & our County. We love all three so let’s try cherish the wonderful spectacle they bring to our lives and let’sALLtry:GIVE RESPECT – GET RESPECTto friend and foe alike at our GAA venues.