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It’s the Carlow County Board’s fault

As the changing of the guard within Carlow County Board has taken place it is seems an appropriate time to reflect on the extraordinary personal investment these volunteers have poured into Carlow GAA:


It’s easier to be outside the tent criticising rather than working inside isn’t it ?

Do the Carlow GAA public actually appreciate how much these volunteers do for our national games ? It doesn’t appear so.

We are a small County.

We don’t have much success in relative terms.

It’s obviously the County Board’s fault right ?

Well. You can point the finger of blame at these volunteers because it’s the easy option but is it really fair ?

Let’s break it down:

All the Officers, who are from our Clubs, are elected by the Clubs to ensure all the many and varied functions of the County Board are implemented. So if you have a gripe with the work these people carry out, and give up so many hours which they could spend with their loved ones in doing so, why don’t YOU volunteer and  put your neck on the chopping block ?

Do you think you have the answers ? Can you add value to Carlow GAA ? If so, man/woman up and get yourself elected to the County Board. It is the prerogative of every one of our members to run for a position on the Board. If you have ideas, plans and ways to improve the games we love and hold so dear then put your hand up. In the world of social media and online forums it is now so easy for all in sundry with a decent broadband connection to hold court and be the next prophet.

Do any of the faceless keyboard warriors actually understand the work that these volunteers do ? Do they actually understand the endless hours they put in to ensure our proud County can keep it’s head above water, both on a financial setting and in the most competitive of amateur arenas on this planet ?

Doubtful. Extremely doubtful.

These volunteers go above and beyond the call of duty to further the GAA in Carlow. And all in a vacuum of so called mediocrity.                             We are where we are. Does this mean we’re always going to remain here ? It will do if you spend your time criticising and knocking. Get up off your arse and get busy. Get busy in your Club; coach a team, become an officer, cut the grass, count the money, sell a few tickets….. DO SOMETHING….. get involved.

The County Board must ensure all structures are in place to allow your Club to flourish. Do they do that with the best of intentions ?


Do they make mistakes ?


Can you do better ?

Do it then.

If not, put up, shut up, pay the levies that need to be paid, do the groundwork, make the hard yards and back the Board your Club elected.            We need you, you need us. Simple as. We rise and fall together. Ain’t no one gonna wave a magic wand and drop a pot of gold that ‘will solve all our problems’. We fight our way up together.

We need you, you need us. We rise and fall together.

Back your County Board and they’ll do their very best for you. There ain’t no other way.

It’s easier to be outside that tent, either get in there and make your mark or support those who do.


It’ll make a huge difference.